Abigail 18

First Impressions

Although she’s a hottie and she’s naked in quite a few of the preview pictures on her tour, the first thing I noticed about Abigail was her beautiful smile. In addition to being naked, she’s smiling in just about every picture (at least the ones that feature her face) which I took to mean that she really likes her job. That’s always attractive; although it helps that she’s a cutie with a wicked hot body. She’s 18 and her body is perky and tight with lovely breasts of a lovely size and a tight stomach and ass.

Hot Promises

On the tour Abigail announces that she just turned 18 and she’s ready to debut her body for the world. Then she proceeds to show us most of that body in a bid to get us to join. There are lots of shots of her tight ass and a few of her breasts, which are perfect. She promises two or more updates each week, full screen high definition movies and high quality pictures. There are hints of girl-girl content, although they really are just hints.


If it’s simple you like then you’re going to love the member’s area of Abigail18. The three latest updates and a preview of the next are listed on the main page…and that’s it. You’ve got links to the various content sections as well: pictures, videos, journal, bonus and friends. Abigail sticks to a rigid update schedule, as promised, so you’ll see 2-3 additions per week.

Abigail18 was launched in late February 2007, which means it’s just over six months old as I write this review. Considering that, the content she’s developed so far is impressive. There are 68 picture galleries, each with 50-100 images. The galleries aren’t labeled, with the exception of the date they were added. That makes it challenging to decipher what kind of content you’ll be seeing, but it’s not as difficult as it could be. The preview picture for each set is generally good enough, and it will come as no shock to you that almost every gallery features Abigail getting naked.

Each gallery features twenty five thumbnailed images per page. They’re square and the perfect size; you won’t have any trouble identifying what’s going on in the image. The full size images are quite large; so large that I ended up having to scroll on my 1280x1024 setup. Those with high quality computers will find that to be a pleasant fact. You can add any picture to your favorites list, although I couldn’t actually find the favorites list so that’s not a particularly useful feature.

Abigail’s galleries consist of solo posing and girl-girl posing. The solo sets are basically all the same. The only difference is what Abigail poses in and where she poses. Being a cute 18 year old she sticks to stuff you’d see a college freshman wearing. There are lots of cute t-shirts and tank tops, tight jeans, short skirts and a few sweaters in the mix. She almost never wears a bra; her breasts are perky enough that they don’t need it. Her panties of choice are usually cotton or lace and you’ll see plenty of them.

Abigail is a bit of tease when it comes to posing nude. She doesn’t like to give everything away, so she tempts you with views of her naked body without every opening the door to a full on shot. You’ll see her bush and hints of her lips, but you’ll never see a full on pussy shot. She’s fully naked in almost every gallery, but once again she never completely exposes herself. I didn’t find that it took anything away from the images.

The girl-girl scenes are gloriously softcore. The girls begin fully dressed and then slowly strip in front of each other. There’s a lot of sensual touching and a tiny bit of kissing, but they never go beyond that. There’s no nipple sucking, fingering or box munching. They tend to keep it very simple, which is not a problem. If there’s one thing that’s hotter than watching Abigail pose naked it’s watching Abigail and one of her sexy 18 year old friends pose naked.

Abigail adds a new video clip every week, or at least she has for the last four months. When she first launched there were inconsistencies, but it appears as though they’ve ironed those out. Her videos look good at 720x480 and they’re downloadable in WMV format. They’re original productions for the members; you won’t be subjected to filmed versions of her photo shoots, which are always incredibly tedious. Instead Abigail invites you to watch her shake her sexy body for the camera. Most scenes are strip teases and they always end with her fully naked.

The videos are pretty short. Most are 2-7 minutes and a few run outside of those parameters. She’s generally solo in the clips, but she has brought in her sexy blonde friend on occasion. As with the picture galleries it’s very sexy to watch two young hotties pose together. In this case it’s even hotter than the pictures because the girls are so keen on fooling around and they can’t help but touch each other.

Abigail keeps a journal that’s updated intermittently at best. She added three entries in July 2007 but none in August for example. She talks about her life at home, her school experiences, etc. It’s a good way to get to know a little more about her, but given the paucity of updates I wouldn’t count on learning much. The other two sections, bonus and friends, are actually exact replicas. Basically, you get preview galleries for 14 of the hottest solo models on the web. Each girl is a babe and the galleries offered are bigger than your typical TGP fare, but it’s not like getting access to an actual bonus site.

Croco’s Opinion

I like Abigail and I think she’s doing a terrific job with her site. She’s dedicated herself to keeping the site fresh and her three weekly updates show that to be the case. She adds one video per week and two picture galleries and on a good week you’ll get three. She already has more than 65 photo sets and 25 videos, and that’s after six months of existence. As the site matures the content archive will grow larger. That would all be meaningless if she didn’t produce quality content, but Abigail is a cutie and her body is beautiful. On her site you can gawk at that body all you’d like.


The design is blessedly simple and navigating through the content is easy. The picture galleries and video pages are laid out in an organized manner and accessing the content is simple.

Pricing Policy

You can pay by credit card or phone. It’s $24.95 for the first 30 days and $24.95 recurring after that. You can also purchase a 90 day membership for $59.95 (non recurring).

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